Impossible Burger Continued 

This is good news, because the time has come to scale up fake meat, fast. Why? Because use in the fight to stave off climate change, meat replacement is—forgive me—one of the lowest-hanging fruits.


Did U know, Meat production chews up land & spews out #Methane by the #Kiloton, accounting 4 two-thirds of all #Greenhouse Gas emissions from agriculture?


To keep #global #warmingbelow 2 degrees, we need to be eating 75 percent less beef & 90 percent less pork globally. “Without concentrated change, we really risk exceeding key environmental limits,” Marco Springmann, one of the Oxford researchers, warns me.

The article goes on, and is an excellent start for our World, and the Animals that roam around in it.... until they are killed, for our consumption.


I tried the 100% plant-based burger at Fresh Brothers #pizza. They put it on their Pizzas, instead of Sausage. I am sold, so much that we are now implementing it on our Marketing Campaign! Maybe Mark Wahlberg had something to do with it, since they are selling it in their Wahlburgers and their Corporate office is in Massachusetts where I was born... So I guess you could say, "I'm a #Bostonian from

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This is the Wahlburgers Impossible Burger 
The Beyond Meat 100% Plant-based Sausage
        Now available in Los Angeles at the 
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