Just My Imagination Entertainment's Catalogue of Original

Projects for Television and Digital Demand.

The opportunity for Just My Imagination Ent. is for Product Placement, 15 & 30 second Commercials and Sponsorship. Some feature films are also being produced along with the following TV shows:

  • My next - A sports recruiting show about Outstanding HIgh School athletes, College Coach's, Recruiting principals, etc.

  • Sing A Song - A pair of Co-hosts approach people on the streets of Los Angeles asking people to sing just 15 minutes of their favorite song for $50.00.

  • Make an Offer - One host, one Realtor professional, and one Amateur help make a House a Home.

  • Doin it Ole School - One legendary producer, Studio, and an Unknown for one legendary night.

  • Women on Sports- Female Broadcasters and Athletes are discussing what it’s like to be a Lady playing sports!  

  • Skip Hop Rhymes - Educational show that teaches kids different languages.  The initial blast for the show will come in one-minute segments seen on Nick Jr., Disney, Cartoon Network, and all Network Family Stations.  We will introduce the 30 Minute show by using the same method as School House Rock.

  • Home of the Brave - A Worldwide Talent Contest to find the best talent the Military has to offer.

  • MA2101- A Sci-Fi Thriller    


We hope that at least one of these TV shows will work for you!  The exposure to over 14 million subscribers locally and over 81 million Nationally can make a Huuuge difference in your cash flow, are you in a position to handle the growth?

Some of the shows are scheduled for the end of January and first of February, give me a call and let’s schedule a time to get together.


Sincerely, Tom Butler