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Hope you had a wonderful weekend, sorry about the Watch Parties, I have been door-knocking, it's prime-time from 6:30 to 8:00. Interestingly, Homeowners are Waking-Up about Renewable Energy, and why they need to bring it into their life!


I was thinking about how my Father, R.I.P. pops, used to burn Coal for heat! Interestingly, that same #Smoke, or polluted rock, is going into the Precious Air we use to live...


So to all of those people, who have had a chance to meet Vegan Solarman Tom B, since most of you shook my hand, you became infected with the  Go-Green Virus and should seek Medical attention #immediately!

Isn’t solar expensive?

What if I don’t have the right type of roof to go solar?

In some cases, it’s possible to upgrade or modify existing rooftops. When this isn’t an option, we usually recommend installing a ground-mounted or patio solar installation instead. At O&M Solar, we’ve never seen a property that can’t save money with PV technology installed.

Actually, solar has already reached grid parity – making it cheaper than traditional utility power. And whereas your local utility provider will inevitably raise its rates tomorrow, free sunshine remains the same price forever.


The only other alternative, which will save you the cost of a Doctor is to get a Free Proposal and learn how, and why it's a No_Brainer to Power your HOme, & car, with Solar-Energy. 


You do however, "Gotta have an Open-Mind!"  Do not be like the #Elephant at the Zoo! 



#Love of #Animals

"You cannot love Animals

If you eat them!"

 quote by Miley Cyrus

The great Wynonna Judd, is more than just a "Chick Singer!" recently found God!

She had her Heart broken so many times.... her mom said, "let them see the brokenness.... that's how the light gets out!"  


To the World I am one, too one I am the world! 

             I can only Imagine, song at:



What types of Solar Panels do you carry?

We carry a full range of premium solar PV components made by some of the most trusted names in the industry. And all these panels come with a minimum of 25 years of warranty protection.

The following videos are just a few that we show during our Vegan Watch Parties daily.

Won't you join us?